Refund Policy

Refund Policy

Our custom paper writing service is held responsible for delivering your custom papers in a timely manner to meet your set date as you indicated in the order. Should we violate our commitment by whatever circumstances, you are entitled to a partial or full reimbursement in accordance with our Money Back Guarantee Policy. Our Money Back Guarantee Policy is explained below.

Money-Back Guarantee Policy

Our custom paper writing service guarantees on-time delivery of your custom paper. In case, we fail to submit your paper within the agreed deadlines, our Money Back Guarantee Refund Policy gives you the exclusive right to request a refund. We have always made sure that you are fully 100% satisfied with the services we offer you.

More than 96% of our clients are those that we offer our services or those referred by our clients, implying that our services are highly rated by our clients (you). In case we happen to have not fulfilled our promise of delivering your order in the agreed time, we will offer either a partial or full refund depending on prevailing circumstances. However, we emphasize that it is under certain situations that we offer a full refund. The following are situations whereby you are entitled to a refund:

  • Cancelation of the order that we have already assigned to the writer: Thirty percent of the total amount paid will be deducted to cater for expert commitment and serve as your contract termination fine hence 70% of the total amount will be refunded to you.
  • Late delivery: late delivery may occur in case the confirmed expert falls ill or gets an emergency therefore late delivery of your order. To compensate you, our discussions with you will make us arrive at an agreed percentage of the total amount to be reimbursed to you.
  • No expert assigned: This is a rare situation for us though it might happen. If such a situation does occur, direct your claim to our dispute department for immediate action within the shortest time possible. We guarantee you a refund of 100% of the total committed for the services purchased.
  • Late delivery of vital information by client: If by any chance you happen not to provide crucial information to us regarding the services to require from us and only provide the information late, you will not be entitled to a refund. Failure to provide crucial information and materials will affect our service delivery date too. Be sure you have provided us with full detailed information and materials required to complete your order.
  • Plagiarized content: Our refund policy guarantees you a full 100% refund if you provide a Turnitin report for your plagiarism claims. We only accept report claims substantiated by the Turnitin report. If you do not provide this report, there will be no refund to be made.
  • Disputed claims: If you are not satisfied with the services provided and you claim for a refund, we will objectively investigate your claims and decide on the validity of your claims whether they warrant a refund or not. A refund will be made if your claims are approved based on their validity. Your satisfaction is our priority.
  • Duplicate orders: if by accident you happen to place an order twice, you need to contact as the soonest possible. Make a clarification whether the later order is/is not necessary. An order is treated as valid once an expert allocation has been done. Cancelation of valid assignment orders will be done on the application of any of the listed situations. First, if you are billed twice by our payment processing platforms. You will need to notify us immediately especially if your account balance is unchanged. Send us both receipts immediately for your refund processing for the extra charge. In cases where you pay by mistake twice, we will freeze/block the paid amount for the next order or alternatively offer you a discount for the paid sum.

Note: In case we miss your deadline slightly, our refund policy does not oblige you to pay us fully, it is upon you to decide whether to fully pay us or not.

Under the following circumstances you are not entitled to a refund:

  • Delayed payments: If you delayed paying for the services ordered thus delayed service provision, you are not entitled to a refund. We prioritize service provision to our customers based on payment.
  • Expiry of refund dates: Our refund period is within 6 months of the transaction date. If you do not request a refund within 6 months from the time the transaction was made, you are not eligible for a refund thereafter.
  • Awarding of lower grades than expected: In case you are awarded lower grades than anticipated, we will not refund you. The product we offer is deemed as a draft sample or point of reference for research purposes. A reason why we deliver your order in time to allow you to go through it and make necessary changes that are instructor-specific.
  • Formatting (Editing and Proofreading) orders: The contents in these orders are written by you thus may contain contextual errors, not of our own. This way, you are not entitled to a refund from us since the errors are of your own making.
  • Installment payments: In the case where you happen to pay our expert upon receipt of part of the order, you are not entitled to a refund since you paid on approval of the quality of the work submitted to you. Payment on receipt of the draft or a portion of the placed order implies your satisfaction with the service and quality of the submitted order to you.

Refund processing

Our refund policy requires that any claims for a refund from you should be directed to our claims department for investigation. Our claims investigation department will investigate your claims and provide a verdict within twenty-four hours from the time of reporting. Your refund will be processed immediately if approved and a refund confirmation message will be sent to you within 48 hours from the time of reporting. We will then process your refund within the next 48 hours. Note that we are not held responsible for any delays due to your bank or for any transfer fees incurred.

Effective date: April 01, 2021

We undertake to deliver You the product that matches the deadline, quality, and instructions. If we fail to do so, You are entitled to a partial or a full refund according to this Refund Policy.

Each refund case is reviewed separately by our team. We reserve the right to deviate from the Refund Policy in case such deviation favours You as we understand that the circumstances might be unique and not fully covered by this Policy.

Cases when you are entitled to a refund:

  • No Writer assigned/no Orders in progress. In this case, we can refund 100% of the funds at your balance account. In order to claim back the money from your current balance, you need to press “Request a refund of your balance” on your personal page (tab “Balance”).
  • The Writer was assigned, but you decided to cancel the order. We reserve the funds from your account when the Writer is assigned. In this case, the refund amount varies from 100% to 20% depending on the stage of work done by the Writer.
  • Missed Deadline. In such a case we may make a partial refund of an appropriate amount to compensate for the late delivery if it happened by our fault, and we were not waiting for any information from the customer. Such cases are individual and will be decided with each customer.
  • Not satisfied with the quality. Our system works the way that we show You parts of the product before you approve it. Thus, you only release funds after you checked the product and agreed with its quality. Thus, we will not accept quality claims after the product is approved by You.
  • No refund claim is accepted for Tips.

Please contact us in case of any non-described situation.

Unclaimed Balance

We encourage You to use or claim Your positive Balance within a year after the funds were deposited last time.

In 275 days after the last activity with the Balance, we will send You a warning email with a reminder of your current Balance. You will have another 90 days to claim the funds or use them on our platform. In case after 365 days, neither of these events takes place your Balance will be annulled. We reserve the right to restore the Balance after this period in exceptional cases. Please contact support in such cases.

Refund processing

After the refund confirmation, We will process it within 4-6 business days. Please note, that the company can not be held responsible for your bank fees, processing time, and/or possible delays occurring due to any bank service issues.

! Please note that all refunds will be provided via the original method of payment.

Last updated: Mar 23, 2021.

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