Cookie Policy

Cookie policy

We are honest and transparent when we use cookies to collect and use your data. This policy provides details on how we collect and use your data. These happen when you visit our website.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a piece of small text information that a website uses to identify returning users. A cookie can also mean the message given to a web browser by a web server. Cookies are divided into season-based and long-term. Season-based cookies last for a short period on your computer or phone devices before they disappear, while long-term cookies persist till you delete them or they expire.

For detailed information on cookies can be obtained here.

Do we use cookies?

Yes. We use cookies and similar technologies like single-pixel gifts and web beacons. We use both season-based and persistent cookies to provide you with services or make it easier to navigate through the website. We set and access our cookies on the website, and we also use third-party cookies like Google Analytics.

How do we use cookies?

We use cookies to recognize you, your personal login information, and your preferences. Other cookies are not associated with your account, but they are unique and allow us to personalize your session. We use the sites you visit to customize our adverts that you enjoy.

When you visit our website or use our service, cookies recognize you, recall your preferences, and give you a customized service as per your settings thereby, making your interactions secure.

What must you do when you don’t want cookies set?

You can choose to allow or reject cookies. Therefore, most browsers allow you to manage cookies to suit your interest. Some browsers allow you to manage cookie preferences for each website.

For additional instructions on how to manage your cookies from different browsers, visit the following websites below:

Google Chrome

Android Browser



Internet explorer

Mozilla Firefox

If you are using other browsers, consult the documentation issued by your browser manufacturer.

You may opt out of third-party cookies from Google Analytics on its website.

You can opt-out from interest-based targeting provided by adverts servers through the Digital Advertising Alliance ( You can also change the settings of your phone (Android, iPad, or iPhone), if using one, to restrict the adverts to allow you to see what you permit.

Note: If you limit the ability of the website and the applications to set cookies, you are in danger of worsening your experience. You may also lose the ability to save the login information that makes your website search easy and enjoyable. Your login details and search preferences will not be saved.

Which cookies do we use on a website?

Categories of use

Performance, Analytics and Research
These cookies help us evaluate our services to our users. This way we research products, services, and features. Besides, log creation and record when you visit our website from different devices like iPhones or computers.
Preferences, Features, and Services

Cookies provide us information such as your language and your communication preferences. This information helps us to customize our online form filling details to suit you. This enables you can fill our website forms easily. This is enabled through the customized content on our website for you.
If you are signed into our website, cookies will help us show you the right information and customize your experience.
SecurityCookies help us to support and enable our security details, by helping us detect malicious activities.
Cookies help us deliver marketing campaigns and track their performance. For example, we may use them to know who visited our marketing website and made a purchase. Alternatively, information from cookies may be used to exchange information with our partner regarding your interaction with them. However, such exchange of information is subject to the third party’s policies. regarding your interaction with them. However, such exchange of information is subject to the third party’s policies.

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